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Turn Off Snap To Grid in OneNote

Want to place a text box, image or some items in OneNote in an exact position? OneNote keeps things looking clean and organized by snapping items to an invisible grid. While it has its place, this feature can be frustrating for those using OneNote as a digital planner or bullet journal. There are two ways to fix or turn off this Snap to Grid feature.

Quick Fix to temporarily disable Snap to Grid Feature in OneNote:

Hold Alt Key when moving containers on page view. When you release the Alt key, the snap to grid feature will be enabled.

Permanent fix to disabling Snap to Grid Feature in OneNote:

How To Disable Snap To grid
  1. Locate Draw Tab in the Toolbar
  2. Click on Draw
  3. Click on the down arrow in the Shapes Section
  4. Click Snap To Grid to disable feature

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