Weekly At A View Planning Page
Planner Apr 15
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Whether you are new to personal planning or a longtime advocate of digital planning, we know you are looking for the best digital planner to help you achieve your goals. The Week-At-A-view page in the Key2Success Digital Planner is one we encourage investing significant thought and time into.

New features on this page include:

  • A planning box to outline your objectives
  • Key Focus, to pinpoint what you want to really pay attention to
  • Key Goals, to specify your aims for the week
  • Opportunities, to outline where there is potential
  • A Next Week spot to outline what to expect and include in your planning next week
  • Key Actions & Tasks to keep everything straight
  • A Notes space for additional instructions

Then, of course, a space for each day of the week!

Your Ideal Week starts by determining what is going to matter most this week. What is going to take up most of your attention? Think of it as a means of enabling a habit in your life. Write down what you want brought to the surface this week.

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