Key2Success Aug 27
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Digital Planning and Notetaking with the New Samsung Z Fold 3 with S Pen

Samsung just released the new Z Fold 3 with S Pen and it is a game changer for digital planning and note-taking. In this video, Branden demonstrates the new device and the Key2Success Planner for daily note-taking and professional development:

The Samsung Z Fold 3 overall is a great device that allows for a real-life writing experience through the S Pen. I recommend a case designed to hold the S pen itself, as this allows for easy access and even provides for a comfortable grip.

I have so far used OneNote and NoteShelf on the Z Fold 3 and enjoyed the writing experience. The fold is seamless and doesn’t impeded the writing experience at all.

The device itself feels solid but not overly thick, which is great. See the video for comparison between the Z Fold and iPhone, Surface Duo, and iPad Mini.

Bottom line: This device and OneNote combined are a powerhouse for digital planning.

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