Drone Adventures Mar 15
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Drone Photography of McMillan Marsh in Marshfield, Wisconsin

After waking up this morning, I headed to work (aka my office in the lower level). It’s a great space, however no windows face the south. During the winter months it is a little challenging to see the sunrise and sunset. As a matter of fact, I rely on friends and family to let me know when there is a great photo opportunity. And that was the case this morning.

I was working on some marketing materials for a local credit union this morning when I got a text message that there was a beautiful sunrise from my wife, who was upstairs.

I rushed upstairs to see the sight, taking it in for a moment then heading to the closet to grab a coat before heading outside.

Outside, I opened the tailgate on my SUV and grabbed out my Mavic Pro drone. It was sitting in the vehicle overnight. Upon inspecting my drone prior to flight, I realized the batteries were too cold to fly. Thankfully, I have one self-heating battery.

I powered up the drone with the self-heating battery. The internal temp was -3 degrees Celsius – the goal is to have the temperature above 15 degrees Celsius. The next two minutes felt like forever as the battery warmed to optimum flying temperature.

20210315Sunrise Spencer114 2 scaled

The challenge with sunrise photography or any photography involving moving objects is every few seconds to every minute can produce an entirely different shot. The shot I wanted was the one I saw at that very moment. Thankfully, I was in air within a few minutes and the landscape had not changed much.

The photo you see here is three photos taken at 1/50 sec, f2.8 ISO100 28mm.

I took the three individual photos and stitched them together in Adobe Lightroom, made some minor color adjustments and there you have it. BEAUTY!

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