Photography May 15
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Miniature Effect – UW-Stevens Point

Photography is an art. I often look at a scene and think to myself, if I have seen this landscape before, how might I look at it differently. From time to time I watch a videos by these three photographers. The three photographers will all go to the same location, one will shot aerial, another will shoot macro shots, while the last one will shoot photos from teh ground. Its interesting to see their creations, their perspective of the same place, just taken with a different style.

In this photo, is the head office for the UWSP (University of Wisconsin Stevens Point). The building is a icon if you are driving around the campus. When I took this photo, I wanted to do something different.


I choose to take the photo at a elevated height with the lens of the camera at no more than  a 45 degree angel. When I got the photo home, I choose to make a miniature effect. I have done this with a couple landscapes, that I will publish in time.

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