Technology Dec 20
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DJI released the Osmo Pocket on December 15th to the public. I was able to purchase one myself and have it arrive on the release date. Upon arrival, I was very impressed with the size and overall feel of the gimbal camera by DJI. The Osmo Pocket felt very industrial and even though it was smaller than my iPhone X, I had all the confidence that this was going to be a tech product that would be carried with me each and every day. And so far it has.

After having the pocket for a few days, I got a real sense for the camera. With every new device, there is always going to be limitations in the technology and functions. Therefore my expectations of the video footage quality were pretty low.

As someone in the social news network, often getting the shot is more important than the quality. This product provides me with the essential video capabilities I need for my work. In this video, I give my own feedback on my first few days with the Osmo Pocket.


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