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First, Thank you for tuning in!

Welcome to the first episode of Straight Talk. I am not sure on the name yet. If you have ideas, please send me them.

Why the program? I wanted to start a program, which I hope to make weekly, that connects people in our community. At the same time, I want to teach the audience about what we do, how we do and possibly enable you to get involved.

I have lots of ideas, however I am sure not every topic will interest everyone. I will promise that we will try to find a lot of content to mix in every episode.

In this episode:
– Nick Arnoldy of Marshfield Insurance
I talk to Nick about his family, how he balances owning a business and making time for his amazing Wife, Sarah and three children. We also discussed his father, Roger, his legacy and what values he has instilled in the business. Nick tells us what it meant for him to get involved in the community and the recent Small Business of the Year Award that Marshfield Insurance received from MACCI.


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