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Planner Testimonial Jul 17
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How the Key2Success Digital Planner Helps A Disabled Veteran

Check out our new series, designed to feature the incredible people that use the Key2Success Planner! In this fourth feature, meet Shawn Watterson, a retired Army veteran. Learn why he has enjoyed the Key2Success Planner and recommends it to others.

Who: Mr. Shawn Watterson, Retired – US Army Soldier – 23 years of Active Duty Service – Disabled Veteran
Devices Used:  iPad Pro, iPhone, Apple Laptop

Shawn started using the Key2Success Planner earlier this summer. As a longtime user of various planners, he is excited to have found the Key2Success Planner.

“I have tried so many paper planners – some 5×7, 9×6 and some 8×11 – and I even tried to create my own and even other digital planners, and none worked as smooth as the Key2Success Planner,” said Shawn. “The other digital planners didn’t have working hyperlinks and the daily planning pages didn’t have the areas clearly defined like the Key2Success Planner.”

A Disabled Veteran that suffers from PTSD, Shawn struggles with anxiety and concentration. After mentioning this to the Veterans Administration (VA), they recommended the Notability app to assist him with journaling. By using the Notability app, Shawn is able to record in the app through voice memo, typing, and writing.

“The Key2Success Planner with the Notability app has been an inspiration,” he said. “I no longer carry around a backpack – I just have my iPad and my apple pencil.”

When in a meeting, Shawn will just take a picture of the handouts (if one is provided for the meeting) and input it, and then take meeting notes and write on the image that he imported. By this method, he is able to write down appointments and quickly highlight the appointment and then put the appointment on his weekly, monthly and daily pages in the same amount of time it takes to just open the app.

“I use the Notability app and the features that I love is the tabs on both sides of the planner and the quick links on the daily page,” he said. “Digital planners have enabled me to have ALL areas that I need to track to be able to keep track of them in place and in one planner. It truly helps me keep my ideas, tasks, goals and thoughts together, whether they are handwritten, typed, picture or by voice.”

Shawn also enjoys the syncing capability of digital planners.

“I really love how versatile I can be while using this digital planner and, just to be honest, a paper product cannot compare,” he said. “As a disabled veteran, the Key2Success Planner helps me to take my time, journal, task and improve myself. Like I am learning. The goal is progress, not perfection!”

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