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Planner Nov 04
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The Surface Duo 2 is a great tool for digital planning and note taking. Having dual screens in front of me wherever I go is impressive. I consider this a productivity tablet as well as a phone. The Surface Duo 2 is a powerhouse on its own and the ability to use it as a phone is a bonus. Learn how to create groups on the Surface Duo 2 for optimum efficiency.


  • The Surface Duo 2 is slightly thinner, but the weight feels about the same – and is stable.
  • Conveniently, the pen is right on the device.
  • When on the counter, the device doesn’t rock but one side does seem a bit higher than the other


  • Ability to do group tabs is a huge plus
  • Dual screen allows for having two applications open (for example, I’ll have email open on the left and my planner open on the right. This allows me to harvest tasks from my email!
  • Utilize your primary and secondary calendar at the same time
    • Primary Calendar – Your planning system that helps you organize your day and establish and reach goals
    • Secondary Calendar – Your electronic calendar where you have appointments and triggers (like a Google Calendar)

OneNote on the Surface Duo 2:

  • Pen tool is easily accessible
  • Change the highlight, writing, and other tools using the options within OneNote
  • Can erase with the back end of the pen
  • You can also type in the planner

Watch the video for full tips and overview on digital planning using the Surface Duo 2.

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