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GoodNotes Note-Taking and Digital Planning Tutorial

Learn how to use GoodNotes on the iPad in just a few minutes with this helpful video. Walk through some of the basic tips to get you started with using GoodNotes 5 for digital note-taking. These basic tips on how to use your iPad as a digital planner and note-taking device can help you get started. Branden illustrates how to write, type, select, copy and move content. Learn in less than 10 minutes how to use GoodNotes 5 for digital note-taking.

GoodNotes is a PDF annotation app that is available on any Apple product. Sync across devices by using your iCloud account. GoodNotes 5 is the latest version of GoodNotes.

Watch the video and learn:

  • How to handwrite in GoodNotes
  • How to use the highlight tool
  • How to use the lasso tool to select and move notes
  • How to erase content and change erase settings
  • How to change your pen settings in GoodNotes
  • How to type in GoodNotes
  • How to copy notes from one day to the next
  • How to do side-by-side journaling/planning/note taking in GoodNotes
  • How to take and add pictures, and add shapes

Also learn some basic troubleshooting in GoodNotes. For example, if the hyperlinks are not working in GoodNotes, it’s possible that your pen mode is on. You’ll want to make sure that is set to “off” before it will be able to navigate. Turn the pen back on if you want to write. You can always use your finger to navigate. You can handwrite or type using GoodNotes.

GoodNotes is a great tool for journaling, note-taking, and digital planning!

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