OneNote Beginners Tutorial
Key2Success Dec 17
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OneNote Beginners Tutorial

Learn how to use OneNote on the iPad in just a few minutes with this helpful video. Maximize your digital planning, note-taking, and journaling experience on the iPad using OneNote. OneNote is a free app. It works across Apple devices and Windows devices, allowing you to easily sync across devices. Designed like a binder, OneNote has sections, tabs, and pages. In today’s video, I walk you through some of the basic tips to get you started with using OneNote for digital note-taking. I cover:
  • How to navigate through OneNote
  • The handwriting experience in OneNote
  • The typing experience in OneNote
  • How to use the lasso tool to move notes around
  • How to insert more pages and templates
  • How to share pages
Many of our planner users requested these basic tips on how to use their iPad as a digital planner and note-taking device. I illustrate how to write, type, select, copy and move content. Learn with me in less than 10 minutes on how to use OneNote for digital note-taking.

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