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2020 Digital Planning in GoodNotes

Tour of the KEY2SUCCESS™ Digital Planner for GoodNotes

There are two things you need to be successful with digital planning in 2020: the GoodNotes App and the KEY2SUCCESS™ Planner. Using GoodNotes and the KEY2SUCCESS™ Planner, it’s easy to organize your priorities for the year.

Each page is hyperlinked to easily navigate between the months and days in the planner, as well as to your goals pages. There are also links to local news and weather pages.

Start with the Daily Key 3 every day – when you accomplish these three items, you’ll feel amazing! I’ve found that these three keys also tend to complement the rest of my goals and objectives. If you can tackle just these three items each day, using GoodNotes and the KEY2SUCCESS™ Planner will change your life and set you up for success.

Other features we highlight include the meal planner, health and exercise planner, and weekly plans to help you stay focused on what matters most.

Learn how to use highlighting to color coordinate your planner and make it unique. Customizing your planner can be fun and helps you stay organized.

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