Google Calendar Integration with OneNote
Key2Success Nov 28
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Google and iCal Calendar Integration with OneNote and Digital Planners

Over the past few weeks, I have had several people connect with me about the possibility of integrating google calendar into the planner. My first response to their inquiries was “no, the Key2Success Planner is not designed to integrate with an electronic calendar.” However, that got me thinking about why people who have paper planners use google calendar and iCal in the first place…

I do understand the question… if you are considering moving from a paper planner to a digital planner it only makes sense that you can bring all your electronic planning together. I designed the Key2Success Planner, though, on the foundation of a paper planner that would be electronically available and allow you to have your current and archived planners with you.

onenote google calendar integrationAs I am thinking about why people who have paper planners use electronic calendars, a simple statement can be made: An electronic calendar provides notifications of important events, tasks, and appointments. The reality though is that electronic calendars don’t provide you the ability to brainstorm your thoughts, make goals, set action steps and prioritize all of these events and appointments like a paper planner does.

As I use the Key2Success planner today, it has not replaced my electronic calendar, however, it has become a companion. In this video, I show you how I use my planner and what my calendar integration looks like.


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