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Weekly Digital Planning for Success

Digital planning is a helpful tool toward achieving your goals, and weekly planning is especially helpful. In the 2022 Key2Success Digital Planner, we have revamped the Weekly Planning page to help you organize and achieve.

Each week, begin by listing your accomplishments from the previous week. Then, list any unfinished business from last week that you are carrying into this week. Identify which things occupied your attention and distracted you from your focus.

Self-assessment is important, as is identifying opportunities and connections that you can utilize the next week. The expanded planning board is a good place to outline thoughts, jot down quick notes, or simply visualize what you hope to accomplish.

New to the weekly plan is a place to analyze priorities. Determine which items are crucial to accomplish sooner rather than later.

Then, list areas where it’s crucial to apply more attention during the week. Lastly, using the diagrams, pinpoint what matters most and the tasks/assignments necessary to accomplish this week.

18-Month Weekly Planners Digital Planners for OneNote


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