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Through Faith Fellowship, Marshfield will soon have a new church, Hub Life Church. Branden sat down with Casey, the pastor, to learn about him, the church, and the journey that they are about to embark on.


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Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) A new church, Hub Life, will be holding its first services in Marshfield at the end of the month.

The effort is led by Pastor Casey Schifelbine, a church planter with Converge Great Lakes ministry.

“They believe that church planting is the greatest way to reach people who are outside or far away from God, and so that’s really why I wanted to start a church too, because I’m all about the people that are far away from God to be a part of a new work,” he said.

Schifelbine said the church will be focused on meeting and loving people where they’re at, no matter what mess or struggles they have in their lives.

“We’re just going be a church to love you where you are,” he said. “The beauty about Jesus is he loves you where you are but then he brings you where he wants you to be and that’s what we’re going to try to do as a church.”

The name Hub Life, recalling Marshfield’s railroad past, is symbolic of the believer’s journey.

“What drew me to Hub Life and the name was those multiple railroad tracks coming together into a center, and to me the center is Jesus,” he said. “Whether you’re Muslim or or Jewish or Buddhist or whatever, or you just have no faith — you’re on a journey, and I believe it’s all going to come together in Jesus for you, and so that’s what Hub Life is really about.”

The church will celebrate its opening day on Sept. 29 at 9:30 a.m. and will meet at the 2nd Street Community Center.

Hub Life also plans to host events in the community. “We are a church that wants to bring life, and so we’re not just about meeting in this place,” said Schifelbine. “While we believe the Sunday gathering is really important, we also believe that being out in the community and meeting people and loving them is as important.”

More updates will be posted to its website, HubLifeWI.com and on its Facebook page.

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