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In today’s podcast, Branden unpacks the Ideal Week and what it means to reassess what’s on your plate so you can continue to maximize your time and effort. Rewire and reframe your time using this powerful Key2Success Digital Planner tool.

We all have struggles and it’s a fight each and every week to accomplish the tasks on our plate. There is so much to prevent us from reaching our own expectations. As we get to this midpoint in the year, there is sometimes this pressure to achieve or make up for lost time.

The Ideal Week is a tool that is going to help you be honest with yourself and determine what you’re capable of accomplishing.

As I move through the year, I take time to review and assess my Ideal Week every few weeks casually – but I take a serious look at it every quarter.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when people start to see success, they want more. I’m always excited by that! However, I’ve noticed that a number of people have had great success, have reached their goals, and now are starting to feel challenged by the maintenance that goes into success.

Think of a garden. At first in my garden I wanted green beans and snap peas – pretty much to plant it, let it go, and harvest when it was ready. As I started to work that ground and plant those vegetables, I thought “this is easy” and started to till more soil and plant more seeds. As I was doing that, I felt good. I continued to plant and plant… but as I got to the end of the planting session I started to recognize the number of weeds that began to show up. I was hoping to plant more vegetables but I had to tend to those weeds. My time became consumed with caring for the early plants. If I continue to plant seeds but don’t tend to the plants I’ve already planted, they’ll never bear the fruit I’m hoping for.

Success is about harvesting. We want to grow that harvest each quarter, each year. So, this year maybe you’ve planted those seeds and you’re starting to see those efforts pay off. How do you enjoy your harvest?

This is where the Ideal Week is so powerful. As we continue to face challenges that keep us from moving forward, the Ideal Week helps us focus on the harvest and other key areas of opportunity.

This is the perfect time to look at your community, coworkers, partners, and ask yourself if it’s time to plant seeds in them. Is it time for them to step up in different areas?

The Ideal Week is a checkpoint to look at what’s on your plate, reassess your workload, and plan a schedule that works for you and that helps you maintain success and continue to move forward.

What is your goal for Q3? What goals in Q2 haven’t been accomplished? Why? This is a great time to take a look at the Professional Builder. The Professional Builder is where you connect all the dots. Framework your plans for the years to come and outline accountability.

There is no wrong time to start planning.

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