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reMarkable 1 User provides review on Digital Planner

reMarkable 1 user provides feedback on using the reMarkable 1 for digital planning, now that hyperlinks are available for navigation.

Real Users Review:

I have installed the 2021 Digital Planner on my reMarkable one.
  1. Everything appears to work correctly. I believe it may be a little slow compared to your video. I watched where you used the reMarkable 2, but I’m certain that’s due to the reMarkable 2 having a faster processor.
  2. There will be an adjustment for me to use the pinch-zoom. The area to write in is quite small, but zooming in and using a fine point on my pen works fine. The zooming in seems a little slow and sluggish, but again I attribute that to the reMarkable 1 having a slower processor.
  3. Navigation is very nice to be able to jump to any day of the year.
  4. The one suggestion I have is to move the tabs on the left side down a little in future versions if possible. I have a  hard time hitting the “Home” tab because it is right under the icon to open the reMarkable menu.
  5. The hyper-links all worked as expected. You are right – this is a game changer for navigating year long calendars.
All in all it seems to be working well.

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