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Digital planning on the iPhone is possible! The Key2Success Planner can be used in OneNote and in GoodNotes – both apps are available for iPhone. To get the most out of digital planning on the iPhone, however, we recommend using in conjunction with another device. Your digital planner will sync across your devices – OneNote across all devices and GoodNotes across Apple devices (like iPad, Macbook).

The Pros of Digital Planning on the iPhone include:

  • Mobility and convenience! Your iPhone likely goes with you everywhere. If your digital planner is installed on your iPhone, then you have it right there in the palm of your hand all day long.
  • You can type in your planner, so if you do need to make notes on-the-go, it’s possible. Learn more about Typing in OneNote here.
  • Audio memos – You are able to add audio recordings to your planner! So, let’s say you don’t want to type or write everything out, you can record a voice memo, easily insert it into your planner, and reference or dictate it later.


The Cons of Digital Planning on the iPhone include:

  • There is no great stylus for iPhone, so unless you’re ok using a cheap one that isn’t very functional, you’ll need to type or use your finger to draw – not ideal. And there’s not a convenient way to store them, either. If you want to use your phone for planning, we recommend the Samsung Tab.
  • There isn’t a lot of screen space to work with on the iPhone. If you want to work on your long-term vision planning or goals, you’ll want to get out your iPad to do those pages in Key2Success.

Want a digital planner for iPhone that syncs with your calendar? Read more about that HERE. To learn more about digital planning, we encourage you to visit Key2Success Planner’s YouTube page for in-depth training and tools.

To begin your digital planning journey, start HERE.

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