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Using a Digital Recipe Book to Organize Recipes

I am a recipe collector (hoarder!). I love finding recipes online, but I’m not good at keeping them all in one place. Some I have them bookmarked, some I print, some I screenshot and save. As someone that carries an iPad or tablet everywhere to help keep life organized, I realized it made sense to create a digital recipe book, too. Now all of my recipes are in one convenient place.

Additionally, over the holidays, I experienced so many great dishes, desserts and more. My family and I share recipes, but I can never remember some of the famous traditional blends and spices used to make the family famous dishes.

I created a digital recipe book to keep all of the recipes in one place, and I decided to share that with the world because I love it so much. There are tabs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, appetizers, and an “other” category which you can customize how you wish. There is also a tab for “grocery list,” which is super handy when you’ve decided what to make but need to make a run to the store.

One thing that’s annoying is when you have a lot of favorite recipes, but they are all organized differently. I created this planner so that I can see all of my favorite recipes and with a quick flip through know exactly how much time it will take to make them, which tools I will need, and what my rating of the recipe was. I also have some blank pages that are labeled by category to make it easy to copy/paste recipes that I love.

Having a digital planner allows me to not only have my recipes whenever wherever I go, but also allows me to add recipes on the go.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

Download the Digital Recipe Book today, here.

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