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Hyperlinks in GoodNotes Not Working

This week in social media groups for digital planning, users started to report issues that hyperlinks stop working after page 100. Through conversations, it was learned that users using GoodNotes 5 version 5.3.17 were the ones experiencing the issues.

The issue was that when users would be in their notebooks and they would use hyperlinks to navigate through their planner, the hyperlinks would stop working after page 100. At first people suggested that there was too many links in the pdf. Several people responded who have been digital planning for a number of years that this was not issue with their files, as they have been using the same planner design for some time.

In many cases planners success as our Key2Success and Motivational Digital Planner have over 50 hyperlinks per page. Considering there is 12 months and 365 daily pages, there is well over 18,000 hyperlinks in the planner.

Looking into the issue, we learned that the issue was related to a recent GoodNotes version update (version 5.3.17). The development team at GoodNotes, was aware of this issue as well and within a matter of a few days pushed out a new update. In the release notes of version 5.3.18, the developer addresses, the bug. The release note states: Fixed a bug from update 5.3.17 where some PDF links weren’t working.

The latest version of GoodNotes is 5.3.19, which has addressed some additional issues.


If you are experiencing this issue, you can access GoodNotes 5 here or simply visit your App Store on your iOS device and click “upgrade”.

A few of our users reported that they had to force quit the App Store app, before the updated showed as explained.

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