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Key2Success Jan 17
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Make the Most of Daily Digital Planning

Last week, I shared how I use the Key2Success Digital Planning system to organize and optimize my week. Now, I want to share how the Daily Keys can be used to achieve success.

Each day begins with a focus – what will have most of your attention today? By establishing the overarching theme of your day early on, it’s easier to stay on track with the rest of your objectives for the day. Next, you establish your Key 3. This is the list that will impact your goals. These Key 3 should complement your daily focus. It’s a great feeling to establish three achievable goals that you can check off throughout the day.

Next, outline your “Daily To-Do’s” – these will help you stay on pace. As you tackle each item on this list, you can designate them as done, delegate, urgent, or forward. If you complete a task, simply mark it as done. If it’s something you just can’t get to and don’t need to complete personally, mark it as delegate. If it’s urgent, mark it as such and make sure it takes priority. If it can wait until tomorrow, forward it. At the end of the day, it’s easy to see at a quick glance which to-do items need further attention or delegation.

There is also an area for your daily schedule, but this is more than just a calendar. This area is also designed to complement your goal pursuits. You’ll notice an area for “Morning Preflight” and “Morning Routine” and “Evening Routine” and “Evening Pre-Launch.” We each have our daily routines and instead of writing them out every day, a simple “x” in these boxes will save you time from having to write them out.

A handy spot for meal planning and exercise planning will make sure you’re staying healthy while achieving your goals. Keep track of water consumption and what you plan to do for your health today – staying healthy is a key element to goal pursuit.

At the bottom of the righthand side of the page, there is a spot where you can list “Calls” and “Opportunities.” Key2Success digital planning is more than just recording what you have to do that day – it’s a system with many parts that work together. By keeping track of calls and opportunities, you are establishing some of the tasks for your day tomorrow.

At the beginning of the year and each quarter, we analyze our Key Goals. Each day’s focus and Key 3 should reflect that overarching goal in some form. Think of it as a stacked system. You start at the top with a key goal and from there unpack that goal into tangible quarterly, weekly, and daily objectives.

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