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Meeting sales goals can be challenging, but a Habit Tracker is a great tool to help you achieve your goals. To succeed at sales, you need to work hard, follow up, and build personal relationships. It’s also important to prepare ahead of time, use a measurable and repeatable sales process, and know your product. Designed by a salesperson, the Key2Success Planner has a lot of tools that can help a salesperson succeed.

The Key2Success Planner’s Habit Tracker is included with certain versions of the planner and includes proven methods to help you stay on track. Whether you want to break a habit or establish one, a habit tracker helps set goals, monitor progress, and evaluate areas for development. Included in the habit tracker is a section to outline goals, set a routine, take notes and reflect, and monitor progress, challenges, and opportunities.

For example, some habits that a salesperson might want to develop include making a certain number of calls every day, following up with people, and sending out Google Review requests. If your goal is to make X amount of sales per week, you’ll need to make Y amount of calls to achieve that. By creating a habit that involves making daily calls, you’re more likely to achieve that goal. (Pro Tip: Check out the Key2Success CRM Toolkit to keep track of contacts!)

Creating and maintaining habits involves a dedicated effort and accountability. It’s important to not only determine your challenges, but also celebrate your opportunities. Digital planning as a whole can also help with this, but having a designated place to acknowledge and monitor habits is key to success!

Not sure how to get started with a Habit Tracker? We can help. Whether you are a business manager or organization leader or simply have goals you want to pursue, the Key2Success Planner is a powerful tool.

Learn how to develop strong habits, break bad habits, and create a plan. Accountability is important and a key part of our Habit Tracker. If you’d like extra help setting up your habits and goals, consider a 30-minute kickstart session with Branden!

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