Podcast Sep 12
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Wisconsin’s Best Neighbor and What the Hell Brewer Fans

Branden Bodendorfer and Carrie Gillaspie are back with another episode of the OnFocus podcast to give you a mix of local, regional, and nationwide news and current events.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • Branden and Carrie share how they each spent their long labor day weekend
  • Branden tells us why he’s so excited for fall
  • Carrie and Branden give their ratings for Wisconsin’s best and worst (state) neighbors.
  • C and B discuss their thoughts on the new name and logo for the Brewers stadium.
  • Branden gives us some tech talk and fills us in on some innovative things Tesla is doing
  • C and B wax philosophical about the newly released promos for the latest season of the Bachelorette.


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