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Key2Success Planner Annual Goals Page Explained

As we’re kick off digital planning in 2020, one of the most impactful things you can do to start the year with is developing Annual Goals. Establish your vision for the year by using the Key2Success Planner’s 4 key areas of development: Self, Career, Relationships, and Community.

K2S CoverPhoto Goodnotes annualypagesIn order to utilize the Annual Goals successfully, it’s important to first set priorities. So many times at the beginning of the year, we have grand ideas on what we want to accomplish. We start out the year running. For a lot of us, that’s an adjustment because we’re not used to running at such a fast pace, and we can only sprint for so long before we start to lose energy.

It’s important to shorten your list and harbor realistic expectations. You can’t accomplish everything in the first month of the year. There is a burnout factor. By taking on too much, you’re going to separate yourself from what you can accomplish. You are starting the year with responsibilities, just like you ended with. You won’t have a huge magical block of time to invest in your goals just because the year changed numbers- it’s not realistic. You have to carve out time.

It isn’t until we start to feel success that we become truly self motivated and develop habits and routines to become successful. Each and every day you can ignite your traction on those goals and it’s only when we start to build routines around our success that we find more success quicker and become passionate to follow that success and our vision.

Key2Success Digital Planner Page
Key2Success Digital Planner

It’s important to break down your annual goals into palatable items that you can work towards every single day. These become your Daily Key 3. As you’re thinking through your annual goals, first assess your priorities. How do you want to be successful in your year? Unpack those annual goals into impactful action items that you can implement every single day to get traction.

The weekly plans will be instrumental in achieving your Annual Goals. One thing we identify every week is those items distracting you from your goal. Pay particular attention to the section that asks, “What things occupied your attention, taking you off focus?” Those are the things killing your traction, where you are expending energy and not getting results.

If the same items appear week after week, changes must be made. Make it a goal to unload that person or item. You might need to delegate. You might have coworkers that don’t understand what you’re doing or friends that are holding you back. It’s ok to separate yourself from these distractions.

In the next box of the Weekly page, we ask how can you self improve. These are the areas in which you need to invest for yourself. This is the area where you need to focus attention. Again, it might feel repetitive and if it is, you need to change it.

As you start to recognize patterns and celebrate milestones, you’ll start to connect your Annual Goals to your priorities, which will allow you to feel daily traction and achieve short term milestones to reach long term goals. Throughout the first quarter of 2020, I encourage you to really focus on what’s attracting your focus, which areas you can improve upon, and the Key 3 things you can do every day to move the pendulum.

In the next few weeks, we are going to dive in and talk about routines and how you make your goal planning part of your routines.

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