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Content Planner for Social Media Marketing

The Key2Success Digital Planning System is officially launching the Annual Digital Content Planner. Having worked in the digital marketing field for many years, we now see it playing a greater role than ever before. We designed this planning system based on our experience helping customers grow their reach, improve their message, and hone their branding.

The Content Planner starts with an Annual Planner section. This Annual Planner is dedicated to content development, helping you to define your vision and message. How are you going to diversify yourself from the competition?

It’s an area where you can start putting your thoughts and ideas down on “paper,” figure out whom to connect with, and identify actions you need to take to get started.

Next follows the Annual Key Content section, which helps you look at each month and identify the key message that are going to help attract and retain customers. We’ll help you identify your Communication Model and Preferred Channels for distribution.

Then follows Monthly Pages, broken down by Quarters. Each month has its own Vision Board to help you build your vision, plan, and identify key opportunities and influencers.

The Master “At-A-View” Content Planner for the month helps you outline the different platforms, messages, and planned scheduled posts. It gives you the opportunity to see how frequently you are publishing content and using the various platforms.

Next is the Campaign Manager section, a series of 4 pages to help you determine how to maximize the content you’re planning to distribute. We help identify things like: message, audience, delivery, campaign summary, evaluate distribution channels, and define What Matters Most.

Also provided is a storyboard template. When you build on your content and make it stackable, you’ll grow your audience as you continue to communicate your message.

People utilize each app with a different expectation of their experience. We want to help you maximize potential across the platforms.

Finally, track progress, reflect, and identify accomplishments and challenges.

This Key2Success Content Planner was designed based on real strategies that we’ve used in our business – and succeeded with. More training will follow on each section of the Digital Content Planner, so stay tuned!

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