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How to Get Started with Digital Planning

Using a digital planner is a great way to get organized. Paper planners are great, but a digital planner has a lot more function and versatility. With the advent of the iPad, digital planning is easier than ever before. Plus, digital planning helps reduce clutter and it also provides a digital copy of all of your notes through the years – all on one device. You can easily carry around years of planning!

Get Started with Digital Planning

To succeed with digital planning, it’s important to first establish your reasons and expectations. Why did you choose to start digital planning? Are you simply looking to help organize your life? Are you making the transition from paper planning? For many people, maintaining the handwriting aspect of planning is important. This makes transitioning to a digital planner easy! Grab a digital pen and write away – just like you would with a traditional pen and paper!

So, you like the handwritten functionality – but which device do you plan to use? Once you make the choice to start digital planning, you have to determine what you will use for an electronic design: Windows or Android?

Which Platform for Digital Planning?

Will you need access across multiple platforms? If you plan to use multiple devices, Microsoft OneNote should be your go-to application. One great feature with OneNote is that it is a free app and it allows you to connect to a cloud for syncing.

Why if you are solely an Apple lover and have a pair of iOS devices? There are a couple of apps you’ll want to try. They include: OneNote, Noteshelf, Goodnotes, and Notability. All of these apps are great for digital planning, depending on your device. For crossing platforms, your options are more limited: OneNote and Zoom Notes. (One thing to keep in mind is that if you decide to switch platforms, you might not be able to move your actual planner.)

Templates – Create or Buy?

If you are looking to purchase a planner template, some will require that you have a desktop to complete the installation process. OneNote does require you to import the planning template through their online import. To get an idea of how the install works, visit my vlog on installing. We have created a walkthrough video on how to do this. Several other apps accept what is called an interactive PDF. These apps act as a PDF annotation.

Once you decide on an app, the next step is to decide whether to create your own template or purchase a template. A simple Google search will reveal a large selection of digital planners. A good keyword search to use is “digital planner for (app)”. Another good site to explore is There are a lot of digital planners on Etsy.

I have spent more than 200 hours developing my planner over the last few years and it has been an amazing journey developing a tool that functions just how I need it to. If that is what you are after, I encourage you to try it! If you’re ready to jump in and get started, try the Key2Success Planner.

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  1. John O Sullivan Sexton
    December 31, 2019

    Hi Brandon

    As a long time TimeSystem (filofax user but much better , more Franklin Covey elements) user I have been looking for a digital alternative and came across your site.

    I’ve bought your onenote product so as to trial it, a bit concerned about the absence of Week view. I like “the Awesome Planner” week view but would prefer if it was dated, I may try to incorporate this to your setup.


    John (Ireland)


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