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Paper Planning to Digital Planning in 2020

Many of you have mentioned that you are transitioning from popular paper planners such as the Franklin Covey Planner. Throughout the last few weeks, I’ve had an opportunity to talk to a lot of you and many of you guys have told me that this has really changed the beginning of your year.
Many of you have come from paper planning and a lot of you have told me that you guys have been Franklin Covey users for a long time and for the last couple of years you guys have been looking at getting it into digital planning, but just have not found a planner that’s working for you. To hear that so many of you guys are finding the Key2Success Planner making a different in your world, I’m really excited to hear that.
If you are ready to move from paper planning to digital planning, I’m going to try to break down the how-to’s in three simple steps.
  1. Choose a device
  2. Choose an app
  3. Choose a planner
It does seem pretty simple when you break it down to those three different things but there’s a lot of things that you need to consider when you look at each one. Watch the video to learn more…

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