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Key2Success 2022 GoodNote Digital Planner for iPad

The Key2Success Digital Planner has been redesigned for 2022. It can be used on iPad, Samsung Tab, ReMarkable, and more through PDF annotation apps like GoodNotes and Notability (or directly on the device in some cases – such as ReMarkable).

To learn about the latest GoodNotes Digital Planners.

If you’re new to digital planning, essentially you have a PDF file you import into GoodNotes (or your app of choice) and then you are essentially writing on top of that file. Being digital allows you to take your notes everywhere and syncs across your devices! We’ve had many people transition from Franklin Covey and other paper planners. Learn more here.

The 2022 Digital Planner includes:

  • Key Page for easy navigation
  • Annual Keys page
  • Quarterly Keys pages
  • Ideal Week pages
  • Weekly Plan pages
  • 2022-2024 Professional Builder
  • Meeting Pages
  • Monthly View
  • Budget
  • Expense Tracker
  • Goals pages
  • Project pages
  • Notes pages (with improved navigation)
  • & more!

NEW!: The 2022 version incorporates a Key Page that allows for easy navigation throughout the planner. Easily access every important page in your digital planner through this one page, including: Monthly Pages, Budgets, Habit Tracker, and Expenses. Also quickly jump to pages like Goals, Projects, Meetings, and Notes!

Landscape and Portrait modes are available for 2022. Sunday Start Date and 24-hour planning coming soon!

A common question we get is “will this sync with my outlook or google calendar?” Here’s more on that.

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